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I just bought an Intel Pentium D 805 Dual Core Processor and plan on building a video editing/ (some) gaming computer. I will be reusing my 80 gig HD (7200 rpm) for programs. I plan to overclock the CPU. What I am looking for is some recommendations [case, motherboard, CPU cooler, Ram, extra HDs-raid 0?,DVD burner, graphics card(s), etc.] for this build that would make a screamer. What would you'all recommend?

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  1. Probably about $1500 to $2000. But, if I go more, oh well, woe is me :-), so be it!!!!
  2. are you hard core into video editing for production, broadcast, or art? have you ever edited on an OC'd computer? I've worked with many editors that prefer stable and secure to OC'd and fast. Some would even swear by ECC memory. If you're gonna wait hours for a feature to render, only to come up with errors, why waste your time. Just a caution
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