More memory or new gfx card ?

Ok I am looking to upgrade and I have two choices,

1- Get a 7900gt (I have a 7600 gt now)
2- Go for 2gb memory, probably ocz plat el dual 2048

Wich of the two will give a bigger boost in games ? I play q4, hl2, cod2, and I recently got on the rpg bandwagon with Oblivion wich my 7600gt plays at 1024 with med to high settings with 2xAA. I've read some benchmarks that say that going with 2 gigs may not boost the fps but will make games stutter less and improve loading times. And the 7900gt should give me a good 30 to 40 % increase in fps.

I would like opinions from people running 7600gt with 2 gigs and any relative comment is welcomed.

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  1. Can you go with both? You can add memory, instead of buying whole new.

    The video card seems like the better choice though.
  2. Add more ramage first to see how it would run those games. :)
  3. thx for the quick reply prozac26 .... since I am on a budget I can do one or the other .... not both :( , wich would be perfect I agree.

    I am looking at prices right now for 7900gt, if you guys have seen some crazy deals let me know, btw I am in canada.
  4. agreed, the vid card is definitely the better choice if you want straight improvement in framerate.

    @ prozac26: if he's in the same situation as me, he probably has 2x512 now and can't add 2x512 more because it will force him to decrease his memory clock or command rate.
  5. xmokshax you are right I have an OCZ dual channel premier kit 2x512 2.5-3-3-7 wich is timed @ 2.5-3-3-6 1t running @ 230mhz so if I go with a memory uprgade I would prefer buying 2x1024 and run them as fast as possible
  6. If you want better framerates, go with the 7900, that's where you will see the most difference.

    If you want a generally more responsive and faster computer, go with the RAM. The speed boost will be noticeable, but won't do much for gaming.
  7. You can sell that graphics card then use that money to buy both graphics card and additional ram, unless you already included that in your budget.
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