Im new and just wanted to say Hi! =)

Hello everyone, :D Im new here :) and just wanted to introduce myself a little. :lol:
Im from Ontario, Kit, :P and just wanted to know where some of yall are from :? and to see who is active here alot on the forums. :wink:
Well Nice to meet you all! :D 8O :D

.:T-Jones:. :mrgreen:
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  1. well, Hello, Tjones ! !

    what kind of computer(s) you got ?
  2. I'm from the Detriot area. I'm on the Forumz almost every day, provided that my comptuer wants to work.
  3. Hi welcome to the forum and STAY OUT OF THE OTHER! it's for your own good.
  4. Montreal!
    Welcome aboard
  5. Welcome to the Forums!!!
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