Approximately How Many Minutes of Video on a 1GB SD Card

I'd like to know approximately how many minutes of Video at 640x480 in a MPEG 4 format a 1 GB SD card can hold. Thanks
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  1. Quote:
    I'd like to know approximately how many minutes of Video at 640x480 in a MPEG 4 format a 1 GB SD card can hold. Thanks

    Hi g-paw

    I'm no expert, but I think the actual amount you can fit on your card will depend on many things (besides the video resolution), including:

    -Video Bitrate & Compression
    -Audio Bitrate & Compression
    -Actual MPEG4 Codec Version/Implementation
    -Specific Program used to create the video
    -Content of the Video (lots of moving images/detail, vs slow & bland images)

    The most accurate way I suggest for you to work this out is to create a small amount of video (say, 1 or 2 minutes) of the type you plan to put on your SD card, see how big the resulting file is, then extrapolate from there to work out how many minutes 1 Gb will hold.

    Some other people may have a rough idea of the amount you can fit, but this is my suggestion...

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks, found some stuff that says 15 to 30 minutes on a 1 Gb card, which is more than enough given we have a camcorder. Went to an art show last week and a friend of ours was playing and my wife took some video. Really suprised how good the video and sound was given she used the camera. Pretty much decided on a 1 Gb card to use when you just come accross something like this and don't have the camcorder with us.
  3. Quote:
    Digital devices are getting smaller and smaller, and we’re sure this trend will continue. As it does, the fact that the SD Memory Card is a great solution becomes more and more obvious! At an amazing 24mm wide, 32mm long, and just 2.1mm thick, the SD Memory Card will not restrict the design of products where this technology can be applied. Small size alone is not enough, though. Large capacity is essential for adapting to a variety of digital content types. SD Memory Cards are currently available in a 1GB size which can hold 9 hours of digital video(MPEG4)! and we have just released the 2 GB size !

    Found this on the Panasonic site.

    I have a Panasonic LCD which has an SD slot for viewing/recording.
    Will have to try it.
  4. Thanks, I think 9 hours of video on a 1Gb SD disk is really stretching it. If you haven't tried the video you should. Certainly wouldn't replace a comcorder but nice to have if you happen to just run into something. Couple things with the MPEG4 format and a digital camera. Some cameras limit how long you can record or you have to set them to record longer. Found a program called RAD Video Tools that you can use to join multiple video files and it's free. Also some video editing software won't read MPEG4, e.g., Pinnacle Studeo 9 Pro and Easy Medial Creator 8. VirtualDub can be used to reformat MPEG4 to AVI that just about all video editing and burning can read. Again it's free

    Believe you have to go to the Streaming section of VirtualDub to convert.

    Rad VIdeo Tools
  5. well, this is the thing, people allways says that 1gb is too much, and now whit this new HD capabilities now cards are full. I suggest that buy a 2 gb, see if is compatible first, and now you will get 18 hours!!, no waste of money.. :P :P
  6. Already have a 1Gb and figure the other 1 GB would be backup. I don't want to encourage her to take video with the camera unless it's something special. I need to check the camera to see if it will take 2GB. If the 2 isn't too much more than the 1 I'll get it but right now I can get a 1GB for $30 after rebate.
  7. I agree w/ chooky78.
    Alot of it depends on your MPEG4 settings. Variable bitrate, constant bitrate, it can all depend. Plus depending on the scene, the compression can do better in certain scenes than others.

    I'd check your videocamera specifications for estimated times.
  8. Bought 1GB SD and put it in LCD. According to setup in extra fine mode 85 min. In economy, get this, 1320 min (22 Hours!) lol.

    Slight problem on a 32in LCD, the picture is around 8x14in and not that clear.

    Unsure about resolution, will have to dig out the manual.
  9. Extra fine mode is only 320x240 :cry:
    Economy must be somewhere @ 20x15 (if there is such a resolution) :lol:

    So around 30 mins for 640x480 sounds about right.
  10. UPDATE

    if it is high definition then 18 minustes on 1920x1080 and on 1280x720 20 minustes.

    and on SD quality 1 hour.
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