My A7V8X-X no longer boots. I could use some general help!

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I've got an ASUS A7V8X-X motherboard and now when I boot, or try to, I get a message about 'DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER'.

When I get into the Award BIOS I can see the setting for primary master is set to [AUTO] but none of the drive specifics are filled in as they would normally be for my hard drive. Actually, the only thing on the screen now is the word [AUTO], and nothing else.

Also, if I change the boot sequence to be the CDROM first (to try and boot off my Windows XP CD) the system still does not recognize the new/saved boot sequence and still appears to try booting off of the hard drive (as I still get the same error message above about disk boot failure).

Lastly, I hear two beeps from the board every 20 seconds while the power is on.

I'm looking for any/all assistance as I am at a loss as to what happened and what I should do now.

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  1. your HDD could have failed/become corrupted...
  2. Quote:
    your HDD could have failed/become corrupted...

    Could it also be the IDE/SATA channel? If the MB is not saving the BIOS change, could he not try a new hard drive, or that old hard drive in another PC and see if the BIOS sees it?

    Then if you try a new HD, and the BIOS sees it, then you know you had a bum OLD HD. If you put it in another PC, and the BIOS sees it, then you know the motherboard in the old PC is messed up.

    Just a thought...
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