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Ive currently got a Lian-Li V2100 case that seems to have some air flow problems. While the case seems to have decent air exausting capabilities the air intake seems to be less than desirable. There is 1 120mm fan at the bottom of the case that draws air through the bottom of the case and blows over the harddrives but there isnt anything installed in the case that would draw air into the section that houses the hottest components. Im considering cutting into the side of the case to put in an 120mm intake fan but Im wondering if there is another option that could be considered first.

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  1. that seems like your best bet. maybe a Slot blower fan may do the trick
  2. Are you talking about a PCI slot blower or a Drive bay Blower? I have the PCI exauster, but i cant really find a Drive bay one that does intake only.
  3. pci slot blower i meant this


    for 5.25" bayshttp://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16835185020

    im sure u dont use all of them so this may be handy. replace the crappy fan tho
  4. Yep lian li make a pci slot blower! its 120mm but its noizy...

    there is another lian li product it converts 3 CD rom bays into a 120mm intake fan......

    Try not to cut the lian li becacause if you fark up..... you will probably kill yourself and the metal lian li uses is quite thick
  5. Thanks the bay fans seem to be an ideal solution.
  6. I'm ordering a modified Lian Li PC-G70B, where I am going to add a 120 mm fan on the side.

    Do we have any engineers out there that are into fluid dynamics or whatever its called that studies air flow. If you add another intake, your
    exhaust will only do some much, consequently, your intake flow will not double, and may stay the same because of the pressure build up inside the case.

    What is the air flow capacity of the fans? They are not all equal.
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