Need help with my 6600GT

I have 2 GeForce 6600Gt cards. One I bought last year, and the other I bought recently. I wanted to hook them both up as I have an SLi board. Both my cards have labels attached to them and one says GeForce 6600GT PCX and the other says GeForce 6600GT PCI-e. I am confused. I thought that Nvidia's PCX was a lower quality GPU for these cards only GeForce PCX 5750, GeForce PCX 5900, GeForce PCX 5300. Is the label saying PCX a mistake or did they use 2 different GPU's for the same model?
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  1. No, PCX doesn't mean anything to the rest of the world, just nVidia. nVidia confused the world by calling PCI-Express "PCX", making people think it was PCI-X when really it was PCI-E

    Same thing, different label, means nothing.
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