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I have a Sapphire X800GTO 256Mb video card with a TRIXX overclocking program. What is the average temp range for this card (both overclocked and standard). The program is showing a VPU temp of 62 degrees and a board temp of 47 degrees with the fan stock fan operating at a 100% and overclocked to the max. Is this okay and will I burn out the video card by overclocking at this temp? Thanks in advance for all your help!
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  1. No problem with those temps, my video card (7800gt) only starts giving warnings at 115'c but you want to keep below 90'C generally.
  2. Nothing will burn at that temp, you're fine.
  3. The temp is fine and i would not worry about prematurely aging the card it will last long enough for you to upgrade the complete rig later.
  4. LMAO @ sig
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