Video Card Interface Speed Question For SY-K7V Dragon+

My first post here. Good looking forum with lots of info.

I've got the upgrade bug and am having a problem figuring out what video cards will work on this board.

Can you use an 8x card on a board that only supports 1x/2x/4x modes?

If so, are there advantages or is it just a waste of money?

Recommendations welcome. :)
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  1. Yes, because there are no 8x cards. There are 8x/4x cards, and there are 8x/4x/2x cards. Anything up to the 9800 Pro will work fine at 4x, anything faster than the 9800 Pro will start to loose a portion of its performance due to the slower slot.

    They all work.
  2. Thanks man.
  3. No problem. Happy hunting!
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