PCIe frequency affecting overclock?

hey guys,
i was overclocking to 3.4 (all i can get it stable at) and i realised that my pci express frequency goes up as i push the FSB, so i manually changed the pci express clock down to 100 and the computer gave me a message ("previous attempt at overclocking failed........") and reset the clocks to default. however, if i leave the pci express clock free, it will go up to 108 as i push the FSB and the overclock will work (stable for 2h30 2xprime)

my question is how can i get the overclock to work with the PCIe frequency at 100? because even though i can't overclock further as of yet (cooling) i feel the PCIe clock will hold me back later and cause instability when i come to overclock more. (as i said, i can set it to 100MHZ manually but it's unstable)

system specs and settings:

P4 630 (Prescott - N0 Revision) 3ghz @ 3.4 (0.0125v added to keep stable at 3.4)

MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum edition (several reviews said it should go up to 250 FSB stable) @ 227 FSB and 108PCIe clock (until this problem is sorted out)

Mixed RAM (but still dual channel) (see validation)

Radeon X700 Pro 128MB (if that makes a difference - since it is on the PCIe slot)

CPUz Validation

I'm hoping to get this issue cleared up soon as i want to overclock more when possible, any help is much appreciated

Sorry for the long post,
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  1. yeah, i'm fine with it now, but when i push the FSB harder, it's gonna get unstable, so then i'm at a dead end: either get instability from the PCIe clock or get instability from manually setting the PCIe clock to 100.

    the latest bios update says that it only fixes wrong CPU temperature reading (if that's all, it's not worth updating in my opinion), do you think that's all it does or could it have some more hidden fixes to it too?

  2. anyone?

    well, i did manage to get 3.6 into windows with a voltage increase, but it wasn't stable at all, although the PCIe frequency was about 112-114 (can't remember now)

  3. dont touch it, make sure it stays at 100.
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