Can I have both Vista 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit on the same machine?

I have a HP a600n Pavilion.
Currently running Vista 32 bit. My 225 gb hard drive has 60gb left. I am thinking of getting a second hard drive and perhaps installing the full version (not upgrade) of 64 bit Windows 7 on this second disk. Then dual boot.
Is this do-able do you know?
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    yes it is! All info you need is in this link.Very easy to do!

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  2. Awesome, I appreciate the reply and the speed of it :)
  3. your welcome,please vote best answer
  4. My recommendation: Do NOT use a SOFTWARE BOOT MANAGER!!. Much easier
    (1) disconnect the HDD with your current Operating system on it (vista).
    (2) Connect new HDD, Install win 7
    when Win 7 Install complete, power down and reconnect old HDD.
    Set boot prioity in bios to one you will use most often. When you want to use the other operating system. Just power on (or reboot if on) and use F12 during post to select which drive to boot from. This does not affect boot prioity in bios.
    NOTE F12 is for my MB (Gigabyte) your key may be different just check manual.

    Done - finish - and BEST of all NO software boot manager.

    My back up machine (E6400 @ 3.2 GHz)
    2 HDDs raid0 with Vista
    2 HDDs raid0 with XP
    Had but removed 2 HDDs raid 0 with Win 7 RC (RC ver limited life span) Moved Win 7 to new machine.
  5. the above methods in the link work perfect ,have used them several times!
  6. Yes they work - Just not the best method, but then to each his own
    With software managers, a problem on one operating system disk can mess with the other disk.
    I think if you look under storarge section you might be able to find where on HDD died and the user could not boot to the other drive. Why install another layer of control when it's not needed.
  7. good point!
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I was considering something called Vistabootpro, now apparently called dualbootpro.
    I have some more questions if you can still help.
    I was thinking of a second internal hard drive. My HP has a samsung and it tells me it's scsi. I can't call it a liar but I expected an ide.
    Looking inside the computer there doesn't seem a spare bay for another hard drive, and I was therefore considering an external for the Windows 7.
    Does that mess up my plans?
    If I somehow find space for an internal drive, does it have to be another scsi?
    Many 1 and 2 tb discs are so cheap I was looking at one of those.
    Should I end up with an external, would it slow my music making (very bad music making) hobby up too much?
    Or should I partition the samsung and put Windows 7 on that?
    Apologies for so many more questions.
  9. no external
  10. partition it!
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  12. just out of curiosity if you are going to get 64 bit windows 7 why would you still want to use 32 bit still? What are the benefits of 32 bit over 64 bit or are there none?
  13. There are some programs still out there that will not run under win 7 64 bit, primarilly the are programs that contain some 16 bit lines of code.

    In my case, On my win 7 64 bit. I still use Quick basic professional ver. to get it to run on 64 bit I had to down load program called dosbox. Aso they have deleted some of the Dos cmds. Both my Laptops have Win 7 32 bit even though i've upgraded to 4 Gigs of Ram. Need to run some Old Win 98 programs for work. Use a dual trace digital O'scope which I can transfer Waveforms to Computer, To upgrade program is like a couple of Hundred bucks - Plan on doing it but not at the top of my list.

    My Back up computer (w/4gig Ram) has two pair of raid0 drives, one with Vista 32 bit and one w/XP 32 bit.

    On a side note, For much of what I do, there is very little performance diff (excluding the diff fromm HDD/SSD, one system has a Mechanical HDDs and the other three all have SSDs

    Bare in mind that a large % of the programs are still 32 Bit.
  14. I have a few games and such that I am not sure if they would have worked under win 7. I'm a bit of a hoarder :)
    In my original post I said I'd be using the full version of win 7.
    Would the upgrade version allow me to install on a separate dive and still keep Vista?
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