Any recomendations for a 939 NON-sli mobo for Athlon 4000+

Any reccomendations for a 939 NON-sli mobo for Athlon 3700+

Is this CPU decent to start up a new build for a gaming system...does it have any advantages over any of the other higher level AMD CPUS.

I have a Asus A8n-sli on order now just to have the option to add a another card in the future (pos. the BFG 7900gt oc) any opinions on this card???

on the fence of what to do
any info would be great

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  1. Hey thanks for the info but I'm not quite sure I understand the "getting ripped off part"...could you fill me in?... If it's ref. to the 7900 gt I did not order it yet I was looking at the 7800 gt and the 7800 gtx also


    P.S. It is an A8n-SLI Premium
  2. Thanks for the info...I tried to do as much research as I could and I liked all of the reviews. options and comparisons to the other boards...I also like the "passive cooling" feature of the Asus...It just seemed everywhere I looked it got great reviews

    Are you using the board you mentioned?... if so are you happy with it...I might do some tweaking but I do not plan on doing any overclocking at this point ...Until I was sure what I was doing anyway
  3. when an AN8 SLI Premium is $160 versus an Abit AN8 32X at $165 it does look dear especially when you can get a passively cooled SLI board for $93 (KN8 SLI).

    As for a non-SLI board the Asus A8N is good as is the Abit KN8/AN8 the DFI, EPoX etc. etc. Tbh all the major brands make pretty good nF4 Ultras.

    & the 3700+ San Diego is a very good chip.
  4. Hey thanks again,

    that brings up something ive been wondering what is the diff. between a San Diego chip and a (Vienna)??? sorry not sure if I have the correct name...Ive been seeing the two and thought it wassomething to do with when it was made...Should I stay away from one of the two or are they both ok????
  5. Quote:

    that brings up something ive been wondering what is the diff. between a San Diego chip and a (Vienna)??? sorry not sure if I have the correct name...

    I'll take it that you mean Venice (although there is also a Venus core).
    Both the Venice & San Diego are Rev. E single cores on a 90nm process but the Venice has 512K of L2 cache & the San Diego 1Mb of L2 cache.
    So what difference does it make? - about 3% extra performance at equal clock speeds but it varies with the app.
  6. I think that I am going to go with a 4000+ CPU when or if the price drops...A BFG 7900 GT ...also I am going to go with a non-sli motherboard...Any more suggestions on some high end non-sli boards would be appreciated...I want to try keep this sytem strong fast and I dont need a lot of bells and whistles.
  7. yeah don't worry too much about the SLI, WUSY is right, Invest into a EPOX or an ASUS, even a Gigabyte board ain't too bad right now. I love my A8N-E, but its had its fair share of problems. Hopefully one of the other manufacturers will give you fewer problems than i had......
  8. Gotcha...Thanks for the info...My case was delivered today (Cooler Master Centurion 532)... its pretty cool
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