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I just purchased a HP 2550l Color laserjet and the spec sheets say it
has 80 each of TrueType internal scalable PCL 6 and PS fonts. However
when I print a font list it only has 21 PCL (PS showed 80). The
problem I am having is that I have an application (not a windows app.)
that sends a text file with embedded pcl codes that picks the correct
internal font and pitch. However, the fonts that are needed are not in
the set of 21. They are, Antique Olive, Antique Olive Bold, Antique
Olive Italic. I believe I can down load fonts to the printer but the
truetype fonts from windows don't seem to work.
So the questions I have are:
1. Why arn't there 80 fonts included internaly?
1a. Is there a firmware upgrade that would get me all 80?
if not...
2. Where can I get the correctly formated font files or is there a
program that can convert the ttf file to a scalable PCL font?
2a. can I get them from another HP printer that has them?
Thanks for the help,
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  1. Archived from groups: comp.periphs.printers (More info?)

    I'm having the same problem.

    When I print from my DOS program, the fonts used within the documents
    are substituted for incorrect Fonts - making the print job almost
    unreadable. All of the printed lines are too long and overlap.
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