BFG 7800 GT series vs. BFG 7900 GT series

looking for opinions on what series I should lean towards if the price dif. is not that great...I want to stick with BFG but I wanted to find out if there is anything that I should be aware of when making my final decision between the 7800gt oc ,7800 gtx and the 7900gt oc. or GTX

Also trying to decide wether to go with an sli board or not...if I was to go SLI I was going to go with a Athlon 3700+ with a Asus A8n-sli premium

just not sure I will ever end up running two video cards

If I were to go NON-SLI would the 7900 gtx be a an ok choice????

any info would be great,

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  1. 7900GTX is great.

    Avoid the 7800 series - the 7900 replaced them.
  2. 7800 GT = 20 pipelines

    7900 GT = 24 pipelines,. like the 7800 GTX and 7900 GTX.

    There's no good reason to consder the 7800 GT anymore, not with 7900 GT prices so low.
  3. Unless you can find a 7800GT for less than $200, don't get it.
    7900GT is usually about the same price, but brings better performance.
  4. I think has the 7900 GT for 259.00 after a 40.00 rebate as of yesterday...Think I should jump on it???
  5. That's a good deal. I think there was a 7900GT for $250 after rebate, but still, $259 is a very good price for it.

    Like other said, no one would buy the 7800 now since it's dead.
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