Installed xp on new hd...cant get win7 to load now on old hd

Ok, so i have windows 7 as my main operating system on my 250hd, i put in an empty 500hd for a second drive and boot the compuer with with a windows xp media cd in.....i install windows media on the 500hd...starts up fine. But!, now i cant get it to start up windows 7 even if i take out the 500hd and tell the bios to use the 250hd as the first boot just tries loading xp media...and with the 250hd in it says something like insert proper boot. It will not even load up xp if i just have the 500hd and not the 250hd......and the 250hd doesnt even have the xp os on do i get it to load windows 7 again.....?????

250hd has windows 7
500hd has xp media
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    You just overwrote your MBR.

    Put the Windows Vista or Windows 7 installation disc in the disc drive, and then start the computer.
    Press a key when you are prompted.
    Select a language, a time, a currency, a keyboard or an input method, and then click Next.
    Click Repair your computer.
    Click the operating system that you want to repair, and then click Next.
    In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click Command Prompt.
    Type Bootrec.exe, and then press ENTER.

    Choose /fixboot option

    or do it from windows xp
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