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Hi, I'm looking for some memory for my computer. I have a 3ghz pentum 4 630 with a p5p800 motherboard.
The quickest memory it will take is pc3200 400mhz
I'm unsure of what kind of memory to get. Im thinking ocz is the best way to go. What kind of latency timings are the best for a 3ghz 630?
and what brand should i get? Im thinking of getting a gig.
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  1. Your motherboard supports dual channel memory so be sure to get two identical sticks of memory. For example, if you want 1 GB of memory then buy two 512 MB sticks. You can buy kits that have matched memory sticks meant for dual channel operation.

    You might want to check the motherboard manufacturer's site to see what brand of memory modules are on their "approved" list, however, most RAM these days will work regardless of approval status.

    OCZ is a decent name brand. I would also suggest Corsiar's XMS series of RAM from this list.

    For latency, lower is always better. I would suggest getting RAM with a latency of 2.

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