replacement mobo comletely dead?


I had an intel server board that under the advice of another forum I've replaced with a Vectra VL400 as it would apparently work. The old board was replaced has a problem with the IDE controllers and wouldn't boot.

I bought the replacemant board from Ebay from a seller with good feedback and a high rating.

After rebuilding it wont boot at all not even to bios. I have power to the CD and the fans but a power on gets only a click from (maybe) the HDD and the network conn. The screen gives a brief flicker and thats about it.

I've tried a new bios battery and I know about the issue with the fan power that needs a jumper on the board.

power supply is a Vastec VT-235 ATX which i assume is compatible?

I'd try a video card but dont have one I can fit, so thats out.

I've no idea what to try next. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. The first thing to try when a system won't even turn over, so to speak, is to strip it to the bare essentials and see what happens. This means, with power off of course, take the system down to mobo, power, 1 stick of memory, processor and heatsink, and that's it.

    If she doesn't POST then, you know it's one of those parts so doublecheck all of the connections and jumper settings.

    If it all looks spot-on, then something's busted, time to find a friend who has some spare computer parts and check out each part to find the culprit. If it's the mobo, leave negative feedback if possible.
  2. My guess would be the RAM. Test another strip, one that you know works. I had a issue once like this and it drove me batty cuz it was ram strait out of the box. Good Luck!!
  3. thanks guys will give it a try and will get back to you.

    As for the neg feedback, the seller has been very good up till now so will let them deal with the email I sent about it. If they are prepared to refund or replace with tested and working mobo then thats all I can hope for.

    Thanks for taking the time.
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