AGP Video, same ol post...

I apologize in advance for any double postings... I trolled through this forum for hours... and never came across my perticular situation...

My rig:

AMD64 3400+
Asus A8V Deluxe
2 gig Corsair Pro XMS (dual chan)
2x 36 gig Raptor 10k (stripped)
* Radeon 9800 Pro 128

I only have an AGP slot... long story... but i need to upgrade. I'm tired of lagging screens now... with my SyncMaster 242mp.

24" widescreen is a bunch of pixels to shade... and this 9800 can't hack it.

I need a video card... a GOOD card...

I was looking at EVGA 7800 GS CO KO ACS3, but can't find it in stock.
Also looked at EVGA 7800 GS CO Superclock, but its out also.

Basically... im looking for the best AGP card possible. The ACS3 isn't that great... boost is minimal... but 200$ more than the superclock.


Can you link a site that actually has your suggestion in STOCK?

For those who must repeat yourself constantly... i will not be upgrading to PCI-E... long story.

Thanks :-)
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  1. Hmm... Seems like the time I was choosing a VGA and limited to AGP but finally decide to change the platform, anyway I think you can consider something like Gainward Bliss GS 6800GS.
  2. You clearly don't want to hear it, but why limit yourself to AGP when you have such a kick ass screen??? It's like having a Ferrari and taking four of the cylinders out!
  3. The car analogy isn't accurate. Besides, people are finding out that PCIe doesn't mean you will get 16x speed. Some boards can only go 8x when in SLI mode. :? But I digress.

    Anything from a 6800GS or x800 and up will be a significant improvement over your trusty, but tired 9800Pro. If there are eVGA inventory problems, I suggest looking at BFG, PNY or MSI 7800GS cards.
  4. newegg says that this card is in stock

    evga 7800GS
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