How to fix Disk volume error in Windows 7 Ultimate?

My computer shows Disk Volume Error every time I run system maintenance. I tried Chkdsk, disk cleanup and disk fragmentation, but it did not work. Also, my Local disk C is reporting only 8 GB of free memory. But in realty it has 17 GB free memory. Even I could not extend my disk volume through Disk Management. Please help.
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  1. Run manufacturers disk diagnostic tool, it will correct and show erros and if neeed, give you the code toreport if your RMA the hdd.

    I recommend you download Hirens BootCD, as it has all the major players diagnotics software on there.
  2. How do you know it has 17 gig free if the PC is telling you 8 gig?

    If you get disk errors after checking with the above things, you want to repalce the drive, not try to fix it.
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