possible low 3dmark06 score with a great system?

my specs=

amd fx-60
4gigs pc 3200 ram with heatsinks on them
1 ati x1900 crossfire edition card
1 ati x1900xtx card
2 74g raptors
DFI mobo
1k power supply

and all that with a score of 6354 in crossfire mode? is that what its supposed to be?

any help would be appreciated thnx
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  1. edit: it beats mine by a fair amount...but my technology is two years old.
  2. I do believe you have a problem; my last run of 3DMark06 scored me a little over 7,300. :?
  3. RAM. My money is on your RAM. Windows (32-bit) can only fully use 2.75GB of memory. It actually hurts performance with too much RAM. Try the system with just two 1GB sticks...Also, you've got the Raptors in RAID 0, right? I mean, even with one Raptor it should be fast, just making sure. Oh yeah, WELCOME TO TGFORUMZ!

  4. 4GB compared to 2GB of RAM won't seriously hurt system performance. Losing the 1T command rate certainly won't cause that much of a drop. Also, to my knowledge, Windows can see 4 GB of RAM, it's just single applications can't use more than the 2.whatever figure of RAM.

    My guesses as to why he has a bad score is either:

    Not running in crossfire mode
    Running graphics card in high quality mode
    Running 3dmark06 in high resolution
    Running some background application
    Is running cool'n'quiet
  5. Your score is like that of a single 1900xtx.

    The avg scores for 1 1900xtx are from 6500-7000 or so. Most of them are oc'd though. So 6350 would be about right for a non-oc'd single 1900xtx.

    What motherboard are you using...i see you're using a dfi, but which one? Are you really using two cards?

    -You could have a driver problem.
    -Do you have crossfire turned on? I know on sli boards you have to turn on sli in the bios and in the driver (and sometimes on the motherboard as well).
    -If you don't have a ati board, it may not recognize both cards.
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