HELP!!! Home build computer stopped booting


I had assembled a computer for the first time 6 months ago
the specs are

Intel P4 HT Chip
Intel D915gav mother boards
512 MB Kindston RAM
Sony DWD - RW
Floppy Drive

I am using XP pro as the OS

The rig worked fine for the first few months

then suddenly a month or so back it started giving problems

It would sometimes just refuse to Boot up
However when it did boot up there was abosultly no problems with the running of the computer. It would work fine giving no problems at all.

This Bootup problem would sometimes be sovled by just trying to power it on a few times and if that didnt work I would just fiddle around with the connections and it would usually do the trick.

I initially thought that the computer was having a heat problem
but when i installed the Intel motherboard monitering software things seemed fine. The core temperature never went beyond the yellow zone(the three zones being green yellow and red).

i was adviced that perhaps i should change my power supply (Originally 250W) which i did and installed a 400W Power supply.

This seemed to work and the computer booted up normally a few times.

but then suddenly it just stopped booting.

Now i am at a loss at what the problem might be.

I have gotten my MOBO checked and i was told that there is no problem with that.

My screen and its cord are fine as i check it with my other computer.

Can any one please help?

my email is tjhunjhunwala (at) yahoo (dot) com


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  1. First of all, we aren't going to email you directly with replies... that's why there is a reply button on this forum.

    But on to your problem..... a 400W supply for this system is sufficient, but at first glance, I would think the power supply is still the problem. What brand of supply is it?
  2. Hi
    Its a Frontech 400W SMPS

    I dont think it is a very famous brand.

    Might be local to india
  3. hmmm... i've never heard of that brand. If you can, get your hands on one of these supplies...

    Aerocool Zerodba 500W or if this is too expensive, go for an Antec Smartpower 2.0 450W

    If either of these are still to expensive, there is also a 400W Antec Smartpower version available.

    P.S. Newegg is only being used as a reference.
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