On-board VGA and AGP VGA simultaneously


I wonder if it's possible to have output to two CRT screens simultaneously, using output of both an on-board VGA chip, and an AGP graphics card? Is on-board disabled when an AGP card is installed? Or does this depend on the mobo?

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  1. I think some of the Nforce family can do this so long as you use an nvidia video card too. I was actually gonna do this at one point. Most video cards today do dual monitors but I wanted 3...

  2. I can say most gigabyte ones disable it....but it seems to depend on the onboard video type. After all do they have dual AGP slots...or did they ever....on old boards where onboard was like pci...it worked....not sure of new ones....what board do you have?

    As said about if u want 2 screens most video cards today will do that anyway(with a dvi converter :))
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