Converting Windows 7 Spanish to English.

Hey guys,

Long story short, Lenovo had a glitch in their system while I've ordered my laptop and it looks like Spanish Windows 7 will be installed from the factory.

Assuming that all of its English features in Windows 7 will be converted to Spanish, is there a way to make it so there is no slight hint of Spanish in my system? It would be kind of silly to learn Spanish just because Lenovo made a bug in their system.. sigh.

Also, does anyone know if the Windows 7 COA sticker will say "Spanish" on it? I'm just curious about this one.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Go here for the info you seek:

    Not a big deal and the COA sticker will be of no concern. Good luck!
  2. Some more info

    Why not just contact them and get the order fixed?
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