Unlocking PCI Express 6200 and BIOS Flash

I have a Chaintech SE6200 256mb NV43 PCI express card which I am planning to flash the bios to a 6600 to allow for better overclocking (speeds are locked in the current bios, I have already unlocked extra pipelines for 40% increase in speed). Does anyone have experience flashing the bios of the PCI express version of a 6200 to a 6600? More importantly what BIOS did you find best. Otherwise I will answer the question through trial and error.
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  1. just in case you don't get a response, check at overclockers.com, OCworkbench or Xtremsystems. I've seen alot of GF6200 moding there, but like almost a year ago.
  2. Yeah since they're old almost all of those are AGP. The best bios there was the sparkle 6600 bios (AGP), somehow is resulted in 10-15 more Mhz while being stable. I'll probably just figure it out for myself, it's what i deserve for being so cheap. :)
  3. We've all been there....

    .........actually, maybe not. Good luck anyways man.
  4. Alright I flashed it with a Asus EN 6600 bios and it seems to be working great. I'm not sure I will even try to play around with the right bios anyways. I'm currently at 340/530 (oc, 8-pipeline) vs 300/500 (stock 4pipeline); with an improved 3Dmark of 2306 vs. 1514. So I guess the verdict for now is that the PCIe version works fine with a simple bios flash. I guess that's exactly what I was expecting since its a only an interface change. I'll continue to push the OC and leave this as a future reference.
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