have broken BFG 6800GT, can it be paired with eVGA 6800GT SL

Ok, i currently have a BFG 6800GT SLI, it is broke. Since it takes a while for me to get it back after i send it in, i have been considering buy a second one, run it in single while the other one is away for repairs, and then run it in SLI when it comes back from BFG.

The model of the card is a BFGR68256GTOCX the UPC is 85565000601. I have not been able to find this exact model of a video card to run it in SLI. Can i run it in SLI as long as the other card is also a 6800GT? Maybe from eVGA or XFX or ....

The reason i'm asking this is because my card has a picture of a mermaid on the cooling fins. The 6800GT on the BFG website don't look like that. However, eVGA has the same image on their card, and that brand and model i can find everywhere. The UPC on the eVGA does not match my card.

On the other hand, maybe i should just buy newer, higher model number card, and sell the other one on ebay when it comes back from BFG.

If i got that route, what cards would you recommend. I'm an avid gamer, and the games play the most are BF2, UT2004 and HL2. What cards or SLI cards (2x) are a good deal right now.

If i find an identical model to the card i already have, what should be the max price i should pay.
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  1. With Forceware release 80 came the ability to mix brands. Your eVga 6800GT and BFG 6800GT should work fine together.
  2. Look here: Open-box 6800GTs
  3. thats cool, in that case i think i'll get me another 6800GT, how do i check what the clock and memory speed on my card is, so i can get another that matches it as closely as possible
  4. i have one of those bfg cards...same model number...you can have it for 200 bucks....it was recently replaced by bfg..and has been sitting in an anti-static bag since i got it back....since i have a 7800gt now x=
  5. Man, talk about bad timing. I bid on 3 cards on ebay, and got outbid by about $1.50 each time.

    So yesterday, at 4:30pm i bought a XFX 7950EE through this website from zipzoomfly.com.

    I'm just going to send in the 6800GT and sell it on ebay when it comes back, they still seems to sell, all of the ones i bid on ended up selling for around $150 to $175.
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