Window 7 32bit runs slow

hi guys...i facing too much trouble with window 7.its runs slow...means its data transfer speed too slow....when i copy something it take too much time...
i scan my system by so many antivirus,no virus or malware there any hardware issue.i heard something like 32bit os runs slow on 64bit architecture it true?..

system spec
intel core i3 540 3.06 ghz
intel dh55tc desktop board
adata (2*2gb) 1333 ddr3 ram
asus hd5670 1gb card
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  1. Running 32-bit o/s on a 64-bit cpu won't cause a slow down, but your loosing out on using all 4GB of your memory and the extra 64-bit o/s extensions by not running 64-bit o/s.

    Have you checked that the memory is running at the appropriate timings, check bios settings against manufactures recommendations.
  2. How slow are we talking? what is the transfer rate. Make sure you have all windows updates and driver updates. There was a prob a while back where transfer speed would drop to like 500kb/sec but this was fixed with windows update.
  3. If you have slow transfers you need to look at your disks. One of them is probably dying.
  4. But the real question is why would you buy a 32bit version of Windows 7?

    Funny your talking about data transfer speeds being too slow yet you don't even mention what hard drive your using.
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