Replacement CPU/mobo in $200 range?

Hi all

Built my own PC 2 1/2 years ago. P4 3.0 (800 FSB with HT), Intel 865gbf mobo, 200 gig HD, 1 gig ram, Radeon 9600, and a few other goodies.

My processor had been running hot the last three weeks, about 5-8 degrees Celcius over normal temperature during load times, so I ordered a new Heatsink and went easy on the games. Two days ago I froze up 5 minutes after boot and had no power to my USB Keyboard and mouse. Rebooted multiple times, each time I had power (fans in case working, etc) but no video output and my keyboard and mouse had no power to them.

Did some troubleshooting, eliminated bad memory, bad HD, Video card, etc, so best I can figure is CPU and/or mobo, in which case it is more efficient for me to replace both (socket 478 with AGP, might as well go PCI-E). 430w Antec PSU so that's probably not the problem.

Yes I'm spoiled because I got the Intel p4 3.0 deal for $200 when it was worth $600+, but these days I'm a flat broke out of work student. I'm also saving an extra $150-$200 for a video card.

Anyone have any recommendations for a processor and maybe a mobo combo that I can get that will be better than my old one but not go over $200 for both? I realize I will probably have to go AMD.

Can't go AM2 because I'd like to keep my 1 gig of DDR Ram. Thanks in advance!
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  1. An Abit KN8 NF4 Ultra mobo is $88 or $83 from Newegg. An AMD 3200+ CPU is $103; a 3500+ is $116.

    In addition to the usual LAN and IDE, the mobo has 4 SATA connectors, RAID in BIOS, and a mess of USB ports, and supports up to 8GB of RAM. I've built two systems with this board in the last few months, and will be building at least one more soon.
  2. An Asus A8N5X is another good option... as is the Asus A8N-E
  3. DFI lanparty Ultra D which is 122 bucks
    AMD 3000+ which is like 100 bucks

    its a little over but nothing big.
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