Thinkpad 240 HDD - help required

I have an old Thinkpad 240 with a broken HDD that I am trying to replace – the original was an IBM Travelstar 6.4Gb ATA/IDE (Ref DBCA-206480 ). Problem is I can not find any information on a suitable replacement with todays drives ??. Any help greatly appreciated !!.
I only need ~10Gb or anything higher…… any thoughts on the spec of a compatible drive ?
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  1. Just get any 9.5mm hard disk from eBay (i.e. just about all hard disks).

    Possible options are the DJSA-205, 210 or 220 drives (5, 10 or 20Gb respectively).
    Also a drive starting IC25N would be fine.

    Any drive is fine so long as it is 9.5mm. You should probably go IBM or HGST as a brand though as some IBMs (namely the older ones) are difficult with other brands (the ones I listed are IBM/HGST). Make sure when you install things on the drive you set it active to make the IBM read and boot from it.
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