I need a miracle! or at least some advice

ok so i've managed to flash my new a7m266 with 1004vm.bin bios
i think this is a modified asus a7v bios

anyway obviously it's now not booting even to floppy cos the bios is f@c#€d.
so i need a small miracle or help with creative things to tell the supplier, it's only 7 days old so i figure the best thing to tell them is DOA?

thanks in advance
replies also welcome reminding me how stupid bios flashing when drunk is! or "thats nothing, i was so drunk last week i tried licking my cpu to keep it cool" type posts
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  1. <waves magic wand...um bata bata ummm>

    Try the motherboards section....

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  2. go here <A HREF="http://www.asus.com/products/motherboard/bios_socka.html" target="_new">http://www.asus.com/products/motherboard/bios_socka.html</A>
    and download ver1003 and try flashing it again , if this fails then report the MB DOA....

    Good Luck


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  3. Allright, how can he re-flash it if it cannot even boot???
    But I know a solution...I have never personally tried it and I don't take any responsibility from what follows but hey, if the mobo is already fuNked up it's worth the try... I've seen it working on pentium one mobos, but never had the chance to try on newer systems...
    I am not sure about your motherboard, but if your BIOS chip is the classic rectangular one which is also removable (hey, I don't remember its correct name... I did my Aplus a while ago :-) then keep reading...

    1-Get an old floppy cable or ide cable and cut off a piece of about 10cm x 1cm...of course the long part must be cut parallel to the lines of the grey wires...you should wind up with something like this:
    2-Get the same exact mobo somewhere, maybe a friend, maybe another store (make sure that you can return it after the job)...
    3-Very carefully remove the bios chip from the new mobo, place the rectangular piece that you just cut off on the base between the two lines of pins and place again the bios chip in its original position, but leave it half-way out, don't press it all the way down.
    3-Very carefully remove the bios chip from the "old" mobo, the one that has been flashed incorrectly and keep it ready.
    4-Install the new mobo, and do all the steps that you would do to flash its bios (use the right bios image, this time ;-)...but stop right before the last warning, right before flashing it.
    5-Now the delicate part: remove the bios chip from the mobo that you are flashing (yes, with the computer running), and make sure you do it EVENLY!!! Use the two edges of the 10cm piece of cable and very carefully remove it. The computer will more likely keep running, at least I've seen it on pentium one's mobos, and insert the "corrupted" chip half way in. If you are lucky, you will be able to finally press ok and flash the corrupted bios correctly!
    6-Now put the chips into their respective mobos, return the new one and enjoy your newly flashed motherboard!!!
    Good luck, let me know

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  4. thanks for the response ppl especially <b>treppiede</b> thats a cool idea i'll have to try out sometime.

    the board was sent back (ebuyer uk) and refund received no probs ;)

    at least now i have a iwill kk266-r this board is the bomb.
    my pc running fine now for 2 weeks with only 1 termoengine 2 blue orb chipset, 2 80mm sunon case fan at 23c system.
    axia 1ghz is @ 1400mhz & only 44c load
    256mb pc133 crucial cas2 @ 165mhz 5-2-2-2
    gef 2mx @ 205core & 206mem (gainward)
    live 5.1 (no probs) ;)
    once again thanks
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