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I'd like some advice regarding what I should do with my Presario 1694 notebook.

First, the notebook has a K3+ 500, 192MB Ram, 6.4 GB Hard Disk, ATI Rage LT Pro 8MB, etc. I'm using Windows XP Pro.

I like the notebook's sound, design and screen, but the DVD playback is horrible. I have tried everything: upgrading the processor, memory, tweaking utilities.

Is it possible to make this laptop play DVDs or not?

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  1. What is horrible about it? Is it jerky or is it a picture quality problem?

    If it is jerky your computer is not fast enough and you will need to either upgrade the CPU or if you have a zoom video PCMCIA port you can get a dvd/mpeg2 hardware decoder from Margi called Dvd To Go. The Pcmcia card also allows you to hook to a tv with composite or s-video and has rca jacks for sound output to your stereo (or whatever).

    If picture quality is the issue there is little that can be done. A tv is a much lower quality output and a dvd that looks perfect on a tv might look blocky or grainy on a computer. Some aspects of picture quality are adjustable in software, poke around with some of the settings if picture quality is the issue.

    Lastly I have one of those Margi cards and I don't really need it. My system is a 400cel but it runs the pants off any other 400 or 500 systems I have seen. I have no problems playing mpeg4 or dvds full screen but I've not known other systems to be able to do this. I thought I was going to need the Margi card and so did the manufacture as it was included in the dvd upgrade but the thing plays fine with a software player so I don't need the Margi. I don't know if the Margi will work with your OS. See <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> for more info.

    DVD to Go sells for $299.00 new or $129.00 rebuilt at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. If you want my (slightly) used one I'll sell it for $99.00 plus shipping.

    I checked out the 1694 computer at compaq and it is listed as a k6-2 450 but I don't think that matters as it came from the factory with a dvd drive so it shoud be able to play dvds just fine. I'm now thinking that xp is draging down your system somehow. Can you put 98se on it easily?

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  2. The picture quality is great.

    The processor in my notebook is a K6-3+ 450 overclocked to 500.

    It's usually OK, but when there the video is panning, it gets slightly jerky.

    It's better now that I installed PowerTweak.

    Also, it did work better on Win 98, but Win XP is so much better for everything else that I just don't want to go back.
  3. Oh, by the way, what OS is on your laptop?
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