Intellipoint Keyboard Driver trouble

I just got my new laptop, which has Windows 7. I tried to use my microsoft wireless laser mouse 5000 but when I try an install the 64 bit vista driver, it claims compatibility issues. How do you i get around this? I need this mouse.
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  1. I am sorry, this was resolved. I found the problem.
  2. I'd be grateful if you could share it. I have an MS wireless keyboard (3000 v 1.0) and mouse (2.0a) and installed the official MS Windows 7 64-bit intellipoint/intellitype drivers, but no dice - compatibility issues and a non-functioning mouse (keyboard OK, but screens warn of "compatibility issues with this version of intelli*" this is extremely annoying. If the SW is incompatible, why release it as Win 7/64 SW?????

    (Sorry, just frustrated).
  3. I have M$ wireless mouse and keyboard and never used supplied drivers, I let Windows Update deal with all that and never had issues.
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