Issues with my new Raptor 150GB

Where to begin.... I tried to install my new Raptor in my Abit IC7-MAX3 in a variety of ways.
1) I installed the drive with no other drives attached, everything was set to auto detect the drive. The computer would not even boot past the "press DEL to enter BIOS" screen. The reason, BIOS detected nothing connected to the SATA ports.
2) I tried using my old maxtor disk with Windows installed as my primary drive and the Raptor just attached thinking I could boot into windows and then format it. Again, nothing was detected in BIOS, not even the Maxtor!?
3) This one is just zany: I tried installing just the Raptor on the Silicon Image extra SATA connectors. Then I changed the Integrated Peripherals to RAID mode w/ Rom enabled. My computer booted to tell me that I had changed my CPU and to review the changes, but it detected my CPU just fine. I tried booting one more time and it gave the same message!? Obviously something just isn't right.
4) Comedy: I tried setting manually the Hard disk to be 528MB, thinking that I could fool the BIOS and get past it not detecting any HD. Wrong. It was still hung up on the "Howdy, press DEL to enter BIOS" screen.

At this point, I have been playing with this for about 5 days now. The kicker is that I took it back and exchanged it, thinking "maybe it was DOA?" The exact same problems are happening as described above. I am pretty much at my wits end and thinking that maybe this is a sign that I should get a new CPU/Motherboard with SATA300 or 3.0gB or whatever it is called, then I would get use of the NCQ feature of the drive. I would appreciate any help from anybody.
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  1. Exatcly the same PROB!

    Abit IC7G (Not the Max version couldnt find it at the time of purchase)
    P4 Prescot 3.4
    2Gb DDR RAM (4x 512)
    6800 Ultra
    Tagan 550
    Lian Li PC V 1000
    Zalman 700 cu

    I installed the HD wired it up to the MB powered it up MOLEX style.... Bios detects HD. I forced Bios to search and detct the HD... Windows wont install onto it because it says there is no HD to install windows on to!

    OK then.... I went back to my Maxtor HD 250 Gb SATA I connected it up get into windows everythink is fine.

    Then I try to Have Maxtor as my primary HD with windows and everythink on it and install the Raptor as my second HD.... Raptor does not exist cant detect it in Bios cant format it!

    I have an external HD case.... so chuck the raptor into it... hook it up to the PC (Its connected to the PC via USB). The HD works! Its not a faulty raptor! whoo hoo I dont have to return it! Unfortunately using the Raptor as an external HD is is a total waste of the raptor's potential because the bottle neck is now the USB cable!

    An external HD that suports SATA HDs is how you can test if your raptor is working or not. The 20 bucks you spend on the external HD case is not a waste because you will probably chuck your old maxtor onto it anyway. Take the heat generating components out of your case is what I say.

    Im pretty sure that this is a MB/ Bios problem the IC7G was made in the days of 478, AGP and DDR RAM etc etc. I have the most current Bios btw most current Bios update was made about 2-3 years ago!

    I just used raptor as external HD untill I got my new MB! (P5N32 SLI deluxe dont buy this MB its a night mare)

    Belive me your Raptor works! its not faulty! its your IC7G!

    I have heard that there is a way of forcing Bios to detect the raptor as another type of HD but I honesty got lost in the technicals and gave up.

    There are PCI cards that suport SATA HDs I'm thinking you can try one but I cant say it will or will not work. But my Raptor worked as an external HD so I can only presume this method will work for you.

    Good luck... Ive moved on from the days of Abit IC7G I havent found a MB that can OC like that one for ages!

    On the otherhand you can upgrade to PCIe DDR2 Dual core etc etc but it means quite a lot of money! I personally did NOT find a massive massive differnce between my old sysem and the dual core system I have now...
    I would try everythink I could to keep the IC7G going because its a great MB they dont build them like this anymore....
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