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ok, ive been looking at watercooling for overclocking, ive actually researched into it and understand quite a bit, but theres just so many parts to choose from and even im getting a little confused, its not so much not knowing what i want but, how do i get what i want.

i want a system with good flow so 1/2 I/D pipe is what i want, i also kno i need a pump with a good head but god only knows i cant make my mind up for which pump to go with.

I had in mind the Swiftech MCP655, but availability is a problem since im in the UK.

radiator i was allso looking at swittech, but its hard to compare these products since all the reviews vary in so many different ways.

for the cpu block i was looking at dangerden, but being in the uk i dont have the product to choose from i have swiftech, alphacool, Asetek.

i was also looking at just getting a kit like the Swiftech H2O-120-PREMIUM WaterCooling Kit.

please help me out here. theres only the two shops i really use unless someone can point me to something better than, www.scan.co.uk or www.overclockers.co.uk


from overclockers i have the choice of waterchill products.
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  1. In your place I would be looking at Alpha cool, especially for the reservoirs which are the nicest I've ever seen. Asetek is also very nice.

    I don't think you can really go wrong with any of the 4 you have listed and if you have trouble finding dd products then stick to what you have access to. I'd love to get the alphacool reservoirs but the only store in the US that carries the model i want is out of stock.
  2. I've used the MCP655 since I began watercooling oh, when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I gotta say that it is sweet

    317gph and the ONLY way I can tell the pump is running is by checking the waterflow in the reservoir - it is dead silent.

    As for rads, I favor the Danger Den Black Ice Extreme II series as I have (2) 120 dual rads in my watercooling loop and they have always kept my water cooled (Right now I have a peltier on the CPU and regular waterblocks on my GPU and northbridge).

    As for waterbocks you might consider, check out the Swiftech Storm. I only heard good things about it and alot of my friends swear by it.

    As for reservoir, do you want to have a drivebay reservoir or one that either attaches to the wall of your case or sits at the bottom?
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