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I am thinking of buying a Pentium D 805 and overclocking it to the mid 3.* range in the interest of getting a performance increase over my current system. I have two questions about this .
My current system is a socket 754 AMD 64 2800+ with a Tul mobo with the ATI chipset, 1 gig pc 3200 ddr and a 256 meg Radeon x800gto. My first question is , If i buy this Pentium D 805 and overclock it to mid 3's will i notice a huge performance increase? .
The reason im asking this is because i read somewhere if i didnt upgrade my hard drive from ATA 133 to SATA it was a waste of time because the hard drive access speed was gonna be a bottleneck.
Also , which motherboard by Asus in the low to mid 100 dollar range is a good motherboard to easily overclock this cpu
Thanks ahead of time guys
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  1. Okay, we'll run through this from the top. Firstly, the 805 is an OC monster. I have one right now running at 3.8 a core stable at stock volts on air. As to the performance difference, during any kind of multi-tasking, the difference will be huge. Single-threaded programs will not be massively faster, but you should notice a difference.

    Hard drive access speed, whether ATA or SATA, is going to be a bottleneck. Realistically, you're not going to get a whole lot of benefit by going SATA, although the NCQ capabilities on the newer drives do have some effect if opening large files, and when booting Windows.

    Lastly, the king of Asus boards for this processor is the P5WD2 series. Unfortunately, none of them are anywhere near the $100 price tag that you set. I'd definitely recommend not cheaping out here, as the less-expensive motherboards do not have the capability to supply the large amounts of power that this chip will require when OC'd.

    Good luck with your OC, it should be a lot of fun.

  2. Cool thanks for that info .
    Hehe cant wait to play with this cpu , i loved overclocking my 300a back in the day and going WOW 50 % OC !! AWESOME
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