Inno3D 6600 DDR2 memory latency and voltage change?

I have Inno3D 6600 350MHz GPU/256MB DDR2 700MHz/ PCIe.
I replaced the stock cooler with better one, so I have the GPU core stable, overclocked +50% at 525MHz. Here is a pic of it:

Here are a 3D Mark 2005 Pro benchmark scores:

I tested the card with various GPU and RAM clocks and concluded that it is most efficient when both RAM:GPU clock scales linear. There is a noticable lack of performance boost when video RAM is less % overclocked than the GPU, but there is no noticable performance boost when video RAM is more % overclocked than the GPU. This means that both RAM and GPU are clocked in the best proportions.

The problem is that the DDR2 memory on my card can't run at clock higher than 835MHz. I would like to try to overclok the video ram to 1GHz with increased memory latencies and voltage, so I will get performance like 6600GT (500MHz GPU/1GHz VRAM).
I bought cooper coolers for memory chips that can fit perfrect and I will put them latter today.
I DLed Nibitor and nvflash.exe. I have never used Nibitor before, the mem-latency tab was enabled, but not the voltage control.
Any one have such expirience or knows any other BIOS control utils that can offer memory voltage control and states?
Any overclocking expiriences with grpahics card like mine?
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  1. :D

    Nice overclock.

    You can see my sig for mine, thats a regular 6600 with ddr mem.
    But your 3dmark score is already on the par with a 6600gt. You can just test it with coolbits how high your mem goes.. it probable wont explode if its too high.

    I had my speeds set to 600/1400 and clicked test. Ofcourse it didnt work. But after a restart everything was back to normal.
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