anybody currently using an Intell 975XBX mobo?

I just bought one, and already i have to get a new powersuplly because of the 8 pin connector on the mother board.
And, i would like to know what to expect.
are there any problems?
is there anything that i should be excited about?
how good or not is the intell HD audio?
how many hard drive do you have installed?
video cards, i just purchased an ASUS X1600 pro 512mb, has anyone filled all three PCI-E slots?
has anyone overclocked the board?
has anyone put more that 2gb memory in or used faster than 667 ddr2?

has anyone been sorry they got the board?
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  1. Quote:

    has anyone been sorry they got the board?

    Look at this:
  2. HI M8,

    i have bought that Motherboard and i'm still building a PC for my self, one of my friends has it and its proformance is awsome and as far as problem is concern, non so far, hard drives, well he has 4 SATA 200GB and one 180 IDE and it workes well.

    Memory it was think 1.5GB. no video card.

    from my side the board works well that is why i bought check it out, not quality but the picture is there.

    Best Regards,
    Nischal Ram
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