Ultra small form factor motherboards?

This is largely for one of my stranger modding ideas, but is there anywhere one can buy the ultra small motherboards such as those used in the MacMini, the one VoodooPC box, and the new Shuttle computer that looks the the original NES? None of those places lets you buy them as barebones, and it seems a little less than cost effective to buy the full computer with the intent of using just the guts.

Even the Flex ATX boards are a little big for what I'm thinking, but these ~6"x6" boards the various companies are using would be great.

And yes I realize that I accidentally put this first in the overclocking mobo section. That's what happens when I try to browse the Internet while in class, I suppose.
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  1. yeah look on newegg itx board by via....their top processor is only a c3 1.3 ghz but its worth it if you want to pay $200...its super duper small also...would recomend if you put it inside a nintendo case..liek my cousin did
  2. its been done. One fellow who did it, used it as a car pc and sold it on ebay. Like stated before look at the mini-itx boards. WWW.MP3CAR.COM has a few boards for sale in their store. I myself have a EPIA SP13000 in my car and its about 17cmx17cm. EPIA also makes a NANO-itx motherboard with is about the size of a cd jewel case. Good luck.
  3. No info, but I just checked out the shuttle and it looks sweet. So tiny!
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