cheap card for tvout

hello :)

i'm planning to build a second pc for my tv. here's the config i hav in mind:

celeron 2.26 ghz
256MB PC3200
80GB 7200rpm segate
16X Liteon DVDROM
MSI TV@nywhere
2 X analog joypads
A4tech wireless kb/mouse
some kinda remote

i will use the built-in soundcard and hav the tv tuner 'extra' already. will connect this to a 29" tv that has only composite video-in. i'm not planning to capture/record tv programs. i'll only watch dvds/divx/play mp3 and may b play some versus or console games thru emulators once a while. i already hav a good rig to play games on.

games i'm planning to run on this pc wont go beyond NFSU (just for an idea) and i'm not crazy bout volumetric fog or 4XAA or anything. if it runs and looks ok, its ok with me.

i'm on a serious budget constraint for this pc and cant decide which graphics card to get. i hav two card in my mind:
1. a 9200 64mb
2. a FX5200 128mb

so basically what i want is smooth and clear dvd playback and ability to run some games (mostly old ones) .. they dont need to look good even. composite-out would b a plus but just svideo-out will do too. (using a cheap converter degrades the picture quality). but all these in a VERY cheap card.

any help on which card i should get frm those two, or if i should get a completely different card (preferably cheaper )- would b greatly appreciated.

thanx in advance.

ps: any comment on the config is also welcome
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  1. Get a used $40 9700 PRO off of ebay.

    It will game really well for the price, at least 4 times as good as the cards you listed, and it has excellent TV-oyut asnd DVD playback capabilities.
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