MSI K9N Platinum + X2 3800 = Which Memory?

Hi, I'm buying this Wish List from Newegg. I've browsed a few sites, #1 and #2, from MSI on the motherboard, trying to see what memory I should get. I want to get a good-to-great OC from the CPU, and I don't want my memory to be the limiting factor. I am willing to pay a maximum of $200, after any applicable rebates. I need 2GB, meaning 1GB x 2. I am willing to spend a few extra dollars to get a better OC. I'd like some opinions on brand, timings, and clock speed. I'm leaning toward the memory I already have in the Wish List, OCZ Gold 2GB (2 x 1GB), but want to make sure that I am making the right choice. (Yes, I did notice it is out of stock.) Thanks!

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  1. i gotta tell you the ocz is some great stuff man. i have the same mainboard with a x2 400+. but i gotta ask why dont you spare about 20 bucks and get the x2 4000+ from monarch its quite a boost in performance, especially games because of the extra cache if you cant drop on the fans or something.
  2. Really? I thought OCZ was good, thanks! I'll wait a few days for that memory to come in stock then. I've been thinking real hard about that, I mean it is ONLY $20 or so....I think I just might do that! I looked on Monarch's site, but they don't have the 4000+ listed, you wouldn't have a link would you? I'm surprised NewEgg still doesn't have it. Thanks for the response!

  3. I'm also looking around for the EE version, particularly ADO4000CSBOX. They have lower voltages, meaning better overclocking. I may be going out on a limb saying that, though...

  4. The 2GB OCZ gold is probably as good a deal as you can expect. Getting the all important CAS 4 means paying nearly $100 more and it certainly aint worth that much.

    Check that your motherboard can support vdimm settings of 2.0->2.1V and you can use G.Skill 2Gb DDR2 800 4-4-4-12 RAM:
  5. Do not go with the g.skill since the mobo does not support it or any am2 mobo. I think even the g.skill website its only compatible with intel mobos.
  6. Ok, I just did a bit of research and the K9N does have problems with the memory. The problem is with the default settings - the K9N doesn't put in the right voltage values at boot for the RAM (2.1V) and so people have problems booting. If you can manage to boot the board and set the board's bios to 2.1V Vdimm before hand then you can use the RAM.

    So, the deal is, if you have spare DDR2 ram, or a friend who's RAM you can borrow, you can setup your bios to use the G.Skill RAM. For those who already have the problem, it might be effective to buy some cheap value RAM like for $16.49 so you can boot up and change the voltage.

    Also, I found out this is a problem with many 2.0->2.1V RAM with AM2 and it is a problem that occurs with OCZ memory modules.

    Luckily however, the momory modules you picked out use 1.9V so :).
  7. So, the RAM is good? All right, I'm glad. I just wish NewEgg would hurry up with the X2 4000+!

    About the RAM voltage, so it will be all right? I think your last words there said it uses 1.9V...About the G.Skill, I think I'm going to go with the OCZ because of the compatability issues (I'm not sure, but this is my first build and my dad doesn't think that this will work; still thinks that Dell with their "buying in bulk" is actually better!)

    Also, if the rebate goes through, it'll be cheaper. I am thinking about using a mem. divider early on, so to not push the timings too much.... Thanks everyone!


    P.S. Expect a new topic on helping me OC this thing, lol!
  8. I'm thinking of going with this MOBO can anyone suggest some good DDR2 667 ram to go with this board?
  9. You don't want to pay a few extra dollars for 800? That'll help with AM2, but I've heard that 667 OC's really well.

    This Looks good.

  10. Thanks. I'm on a tight budget and I'm trying to cut cost to get a 7900GT within budget. I'm leary of OCZ because of a lot of Problems I read with 800, not sure of 667 though. How did your set up go?

    I found this

    Kingston's site has that board as working with that memory. This is my first build so that eases my mind. I'm going with the same set up, X2 3800+.

    Does anyone know where I can find the manual for the board. Can't seem to find it on MSI's site.
  11. I got cold feet because Core 2 Duo was only a week away and I knew price cuts would be coming. Why not wait a week and save over $150?

    Yeah, OCZ has been having some weird issues with AM2, I'm not sure if this has been resolved as of yet. The Kingston looks good and DDR2 667 overclocks usually very easily to DDR2 800. Don't feel odd that it doesn't have heatsink, they usually don't help. They are usually just to make you feel good, lol...

    I thought MSI did have a manual for the K9N Platinum, I can't find it either, sorry! I remember downloading it, but I deleted it.

  12. Good call on the wait. Same situation with me. I'm building in a month so maybe I'll get lucky and prices will fall on other parts so I can bump up to 800. To start out I probly won't overclock much since it's my first build. Need to do a little learning in that area.
  13. There have been rumours that AM2 motherboards might drop in prices, so who knows? This is my first build as well. I will build it, learn some more about OC'ing and go real slow. But in the end, I think it will pay off. Thanks!

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