NEED HELP! Newb Water cooling project. Interesting too...

This may be out of my league... actually im sure it is... But i recently acquired a Brinkman Recirculating Chiller from my work for free... they were going to throw it away. Heres a link or two incase you need to know what one is or detailed specs.

OK... so this thing pumps a good bit of water (1.5 gallon or so) at a good rate... have to look that up... and if i use about a 20% glycol mix i can get it running at -15 Degrees Celsius... (the liquid that is).

Now my plan is to branch out the 1/2 inch diameter outflow tube to my cpu/ graphics card/ and maybe ram... and then loop all that back into in the inflow on the unit. I plan on using Deionized water/Glycol(antifreeze mix) just incase of leaks.

Now for the help... Im a newb at water cooling so im going to be vary careful about this and do alot of testing before i hook everything up... but i need input on the best blocks/antifreeze/and tubing to use... Specifically the blocks... whats the best on the market... im looking at Buying from Newegg but could go with another company.... Also any other thoughts would be Helpfull... Thanks guys... If i didnt say anything or more info is needed just ask... ill be checking this 4 times a day if not more for a while.... :)
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  1. Oh yeah.... Specs:
    AMD Xp Barton 2500+...
    Rosewill RP500 ATX Power supply
    OCZ Performance Series DDR 3200 (2x512 MB)
    ABIT KW7 Socket A Kt880 Atx board
    Chaintech Sa6800 -128

    Need anything else?
  2. For water blocks there are so many...

    Danger Den
    Cooler Master

    top 2 are my favorites.
  3. the bottom three shouldn't even be mentioned, disgrace to watercooling
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