D805 in New build until Conroe Hits the streets.

Have to buy a PC now so can:t wait till august until the conroe comes out.So will Buy cheap 805 OC it until the big C hits the streets.

ASUS AiLife Series P5WDG2-WS - motherboard - ATX - i975X
Intel Pentium D 805 2.66 GHz processor(Change in 2 months)X6800
ASUS Extreme AX1900XTX/2DHTV -
Thermaltake 750W ToughPower ATX 12V 2.2 & EPS 12V Active PFC
Thermaltake Tsunami Dream VA3000BWA - tower - ATX
Geil 2GB (2x1GB) PC6400 DDR2 800Mhz BGA Brushed Aluminum Heat Spreader Retail
Samsung CD-RW/DVD 52X/32X/52X + 16X Bulk Black With Software
Samsung DVD Recorder +R/+RW -R/-RW SATA Black Bulk With Software
WD Hard disk 73.4GB SATA 10000RPM 3.5" 8MB "Raptor"

The shop i,m buying this from only has this ram is it good enough...>? And dose anyone see any problems with the set up for the eventual Conroe.?
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  1. If you're really going to change as soon as Conroe hits the streets, why not just buy the Cheapest Celeron D ($45 D 326) and overclock it to 800 fsb/3.8 GHz? That should be decent enough for two months. I didn't check out the board, but are you sure it currently supports Conroe?
  2. Was told that with a driver update it will support conroe.Dose all the Celeron D go into my MOB and will it still give me a good bit of power(for online gamming)TWL. Until i get the x6700 or x6800 in 2 or 3 months.
  3. hopefully the whole "drive update" thing is true. I know that some 975X chipsets being producted RIGHT NOW will support Conroe, but if this board is of older stock with one of the earlier 975X chipsets, it will probably not support Conroe. Let's just hope you're right. :D

    About the Celeron D, it is supported by this board. While not a very good gaming CPU, it should still be adequate for two months at least. At 3.8 GHz, which should be a fairly reasonable goal to achieve for a D 326 of the EO or newer stepping, it should probably game at least as well as a 3.0 GHz hyperthreading P4, which is comparable to a Sempron64 2800-3100+. 3.8 GHz should be achievable with the stock cooler and a small voltage increase. So, in non-multithreaded games, an overclocked Celeron D will outperform a stock D 805 (and D 820 for that matter).

    Like I said, for two months total, you could probably get by with a cheap Celeron D. Then you could sell it and get 2/3 to 3/4 your money back in a couple months, or just keep it as a backup chip or to make a nice home server or internet box. The D 805 isn't bad, don't get me wrong, I'm just thinking of saving you $65 now so that you could put that towards your Conroe cpu in a couple months. :wink:
  4. Thanks for the info..:) is there anyway i can find out if the chipset will run conroe ?
  5. Quote:
    Thanks for the info..:) is there anyway i can find out if the chipset will run conroe ?

    Offical support list does not exist yet,other than Rev 304 of the 975 chipset.
  6. Looks like the board has to be revision 1.03 in order for it to have VRM 11 needed for Conroe processors, and then have the v.0709 bios dated April 2006 in order for that mobo to support Conroe. Like I said, I'm sure a newly made board of that model will be revision 1.03, but who's to say if the place you're buying from won't try to sell you some old stock, revision 1.01 or 1.02 boards instead? :? That's the big gamble at this point. The Conroe boards are out there, but will you be lucky enough to get one?

    I'm in the same dilemma about an Asrock 775i65G board I want to buy along with a D 805 or a D 820. Sure, I could buy my board today, but if a wait a few more weeks, it'll be more likely that I'll get a Conroe-supporting rev. 2.03 board instead of the old stock that is likely still floating around at this point. Then I can use the Smithfield for 2-3 years and upgrade to one of these early Conroes at the later date without having to buy another board. That's what I'm planning to do, but at the same time I'm really interested in the new ATI RS600 IGP with HDMI output. It looks to be the perfect upgrade platform for me. Only problem is, I don't know how much $$$ they're gonna want for the new ATI chipset, and I don't know when it will officially debut. I don't like to spend more than $70 for a motherboard, so the ATI RS600 would have to be really cheap for me to buy it. If its onboard graphics really are equivalent to an X700 though, I don't imagine it would fit in my budget. :cry:
  7. Of course. I don't think the author thought a Celeron D was dual core either, but this footnote may help keep some poor noob from misunderstanding.
  8. Wow. That is one original idea I must say :D
  9. Quote:
    maybe he didn't understand the benefits from dual core. such as i remember the days everybody thought they knew that dual processors meant no gains except for servers. i decided to get one anyways, and i've had dual processors for a while now, and wouldn't switch back cause of the smoothness and productivity it has. i don't play games. that celeron will trail even at 5ghz+ behind the 805, (i forgot the speed of the 805) if that is the celeron that i been reading about that overclocks well, but doesn't perform well at high speeds. true, enough to get by, but even this p3 at 1ghz machine i'm on will get me by with regular stuff also.
    Take your dual core preaching elsewhere. I just suggested the idea of a cheap Celeron D because it will work fine for the two month duty cycle he is looking for and will give hime more money to put towards his Conroe.
  10. dose it tell you the revision on the info of the board..?
  11. Whatever. :roll:
  12. Quote:
    dose it tell you the revision on the info of the board..?
    Sorry, it doesn't say anything about the revision # on that page. I've not seen any online retailers give revision #s for the motherboards unfortunately. :(
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