Upgrade this Gaming Rig for me!

hey guys you can see my Specs in my Signature....

well I am selling my 2 XFX 6800 GS cards for $250 to a local guy.

I want to buy a new card that will give me the same 3dMark05 numbers as my 2 6800 GS cards did.

I am looking to spend between $250 to $320 for a new card. I want one I can do SLI with... the 7900GTX are too big for me to do SLI in my motherboard.

What suggestions can you guys give me for a new graphics card.

Links would be great!

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  1. You can afford one 7900GT for $299 at newegg


    You could sli these at a later point if you want
  2. I was gonna suggest an open-box X1900XT for $340, but then I noticed that you said you wanted to SLI them. That single X1900XT would probably get you over 10k in 3DMark05. I think you should just stick with your current cards; a single 7900GT won't perform much better.
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