Graphics card problem, please help!

My computer isn't loading up. I tried to uninstall my default Video Card (S3) so I could install a new Video Card (Raedeon) SO after uninstalling and disabling that driver I put in my video card and loaded up. After installing the card (from which I shouldn't of done according to the manual) I restarted to finalise my options. From there, I tried to reboot but it wouldn't load up at all (as if the old Video Card was still in place) So I had to take that out so they didn't interfere with each other and loaded up again. Only this time now whenever I load up I have to go through a system check (as if I didn't shut down properly) and after that my computer freezes, regardless of whether I actually complete or skip the system check. If I press F5 during the beginning of setup I can choose to load up in Safe Mode in which my computer lists a list of faults, something to do with an error to go with System 32. I can also load up in "Latest Working Configurations" in which it still freezes after the System Check and any other options I am not familiar with don't work either...

Any ideas?
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  1. if this is on winxp have you tried a system restore? go back to before you uninstalled the first driver...
  2. I'm on Windows XP Professional but I don't know how to do a system restore or [whatever that word is for completely wiping your computer is - it escapes me >_>] because it freezes after the system check.
  3. You said your tried to uninstall your drivers for the old card?
    If you did that, why would you have to 'disable' them?
    Was the old Video integrated?
  4. Yes, it was an intergrated card, I disabled it to make sure I could make the computer reconise not to use it and to accept the new card.
  5. Ok, gotcha. But, did you disable it in windows , or through the bios. You DEFFINATELY want to disable it in the BIOS if you're not goin to use it at all any more.
  6. I disabled it in Windows through Properties -> Settings -> Adapter and both uninstalled it and disabled it from there. TO be quite honest I don't really understand how to use BIOS
  7. well.... that stinks. Somewhere in the BIOS, you should have the option of disabling the integrated video. You can't do any harm just looking around in there. See if you can find something in there that refers to disabling the integrated video. There should alse be an option in there to select your 'first' video device. You should change that to PCI-E or AGP, depending on what kind of video card you bought... any help there? :)
  8. When you start up in safe mode do you actually get logged in? If so you can do system restore from there. click on start>help and support>undo changes with system restore..

    If that doesn't work and it's your only hdd then you are pooched. Reinstall windows if nothing else works. Stick your winxp cd in your optical drive then make sure that the boot up priority is set to cd in your bios, restart and hit any button when it asks you.
  9. No, I keep getting stuck when the computer does a system check, the computer just freezes.
  10. When it does the system check, does it 'count' your memory? you can make it do a 'quick' boot in the bios....
  11. Intergrated Video should be disabled by physically putting in a video card, in most cases.

    Now, it is possible, Plug-in Play feature is having a problem.

    In other words, another PnP device may have an IRQ that was given from the bios, and the video card wants it.

    One way to get around that is to remove all other expansion cards from your MB PCI slots.

    Put only the video card in, and boot up to see if the PC will POST properly. Then shut it back down and put in your other expansion cards.

    Hope that helps.
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