Added HD.. but where is it?

hey guys, got my 2nd 160gb WD SATA II drive today.. I installed it in the machine... SATA II cable goes from hard-drive to SATA II 2 input on my motherboard (1st hard-drive is connected to SATA II 1 input). The power cord for the SATA II drives has two power outlets I have both the hard drives hooked up to that one power cord.

i booted windows and it sees that hard drive.. but when I go into MY COMPUTER I only see my first HARD DRIVE C: but no 2nd one. I checked the Device Manager and it shows it there with no errors... it says its working properly but it is not letting me acces it

what the deal yo?
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  1. My Computer can't see the drive because it's not partitioned. Go to start, run, and type "compmgmt.msc" without quotes. Find the new drive and create a partition.
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