Need Help w/Boot-up Freeze

I have an Asus K7M motherboard with a 900mhz Athlon TBird CPU. I'm one 256Meg Dimm from Crucial. When I turn on my PC it goes the usual process of booting up. However, every now and then the computer freezes just before it finishes loading Windows (it usually freezes just after or just before the password window pops up). When it does this, a thin "line" green appears on the top of the screen. This happens about 50% of the time that I turn on my computer.

The cards on my system are an ISA sound card from SoundBlaster, a PCI ethernet card, a PCI video card from Diamond using the NVidia chipset, and a Hauppauge TV Tuner PCI tuner card. Other components are: Zip external drive, Iomega CDR drive, CD rom drive, floppy, ps2 mouse, ps2 keyboard, serial Wacom tablet, printer, Umax scanner, external modem (hooked up to the ethernet card), and USP joystick.

Might my PC be having IRQ conflicts? Or may the motherboard be damaged? I have checked for conflicts under the properties of "My Computer," but none were detected (that is, no exclamation marks were present). Or could it be an operating system problem?

Any advice would be appreciated.

An Abit my Asus when I was Tyan to boot up.
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  1. see your crosspost in motherboards/chipsets

    Next time you wave - use all your fingers
  2. Take the NIC out.

    Post, we'll do the "search"... :wink:
  3. Sorry if this is "dumb" question, but what's the NIC?

    An Abit my Asus when I was Tyan to boot up.
  4. Your NIC, (Network Inferface Card), is your ethernet card. Just another name I guess.
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