windows 7 reconize keyboard and mouse (HELP)

I ask the following question in the header because i want to purchase a ps/2 to usb converter and am unsure if windows 7 will recognize it as i heard that i does not do well with old keyboards and mice. My keyboard is a dell quiet key while my mouse is a intelliimouse, witch is a Microsoft. Will i be okay or will the system not recognize either? Please help and thanks
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  1. There should be absolutely no reason why a computer would be unable to recognise a USB or PS/2 input device unless the device itself was broken.

    Both the PS/2 connection and USB will work fine.
  2. Thanks man then for the answer. I was getting worried :D
  3. Please check whether the device has any problems with W7. I got myself a cheap USB umax keyboard( for approx 125 INR or about 3$), it did not work with w7, kept disconnecting and reconnecting in device manager, but worked with xp properly. tested it myself using another machine. finally had to get a logitech k/b.
  4. So are you saying that even with a usb to ps/2 adapter, my old keyboard and mouse might still not work?
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