Pentium D 950 or Athlon X2 4200 AM2

I'm trying to decided between the following two CPU/Motheboard combos:

Pentium D 950 CPU with ASUS P5N32-SLI Deluxe Mobo


Athlon X2 4200 AM2 with ABIT AN8 32X Mobo

Any comments on the two setups?
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  1. I would have to say go with AMD too.
  2. I'd say wait until the release of Conroe... both companies have announced HUGE price drops... some to the tune of 50%. That's worth waiting for... right?
  3. Hold off all buying decisions till july 23rd, at that point all speculations on price and performance will cease and u can make as an informed decision as the rest of us.

    at this point i am lookign at everythign else i need for my next build, HDD/GPU/case etc..
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