SS51G - new vid card required, suggestions needed

So, my old Radeon 9000 bit the dust a week or so ago and I'm in need of a more modern replacement. Trouble is I have a ss51g with the standard 200w psu.

I'm just wondering what sort of options are open to me based on this large limitation? I've searched here and elsewhere and figure a 9600xt is a safe bet (and I can get a sapphire 9600xt 128mb locally at a relatively cheap price), but I'd like to know what else is out there for me?
I haven't kept myself up to date on graphics technologies over the past few years, and am not familiar with much of nvidia's product lineup and how they compare to their respective competing cards from ati in terms of power requirements, so any insight there is valued [someone mentioned in another thread that a 6600 will work well in my shuttle?]

For those wondering why I hold on to this dated system, I'm paying my way through uni and don't have the budget to replace the whole machine with something later and greater. Plus, the compact size is very convenient for me as I move in and out of my dorm room 4x a year (and space is at a premium there).
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  1. A 6600 should be alright, depending on the current wattage draw of your system. Neither the 6600 or 9600XT require an extra molex connector, so really the choice is up to you. If your looking for preformance, then the 6600 is a little better GPU. However AGP is coming at a premium for these cards.

    The 9600XT would be nearly half the price, but then again there could be a nice rebate in there somewhere. So its completely up to you.
  2. 6600s do require PSU connections. 6200s do not.
  3. My apologies, simply confused the two.
  4. 9600XT is a pretty good card, and it's an upgrade from a 9000 for sure. 6600 is also a good choice. Maybe you can find a 9800 for a good price, and that;ll be a good choice also.
  5. a 9800 would be nice...and I've seen posts by a few guys that have them installed successfully into ss51g's.
    However, I've read considerably more reports from people who installed them only to destroy their psu.

    The 9800's recommend at least a 300w psu, from what I've read.

    I'll look a little deeper into the 6200. Clearly power is the issue in my machine so the less draw the better.
    I also had a suggestion on another forum to look at an x800 agp card. They apparently do have less draw at full load than 9800's do, but I'm not sure if my mobo will support it and I don't want to spend quite that much cash.

    thanks for the help guys. Keep the suggestions coming if there are any more.
  6. You could always buy a cheap power supply, use it externally, and use that as a dedicated video card power supply...just an option
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. It would be a good option for me if I were in the market for a really powerful card. Unfortunately my mobo does not have pci-e, and the only agp slot is 4x [if memory serves]. So I can't justify purchasing another psu to power an already outdated card. I'd rather try and make do with the weak psu I do have until I can afford to replace my entire pc when I'm finished with university.

    A good suggestion, just not practical for me at the moment, but thanks all the same.

    I haven't found a direct comparison between the 9600xt and a 6200, but I'm leaning in the direction of the 9600xt atm. A little googling for '6200 vs 9600xt' has shown me a few posts elsewhere, and the majority of people have recommended the 9600xt 128mb. Looks like I can grab one for $95CDN locally.
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