F/S Used parts! Take a look inside! **SOLD!**

Hey everyone!

Up for sale are my old parts for the rig i just redid this week! ALL items being sold have never been OC'ed, and have been tested to work without flaw before pulling them and replacing with the new parts! Each part will come with original box and manuals (so long as i can find that stuff!)

1. AMD Athlon64 3700+

2. Asus A8N32-Sli Deluxe motherboard

3. 4GB of OCZ Platinum 3200 DDR400 RAM

4. Coolmax 500watt EPS P.S (EZ wires)

5. Antec P180 Case (scuff marks on side panel)

6. Asus EN7800GTX Video card.

I am asking for $500 for everything. I will be willing to part this out for the right price on each component, but this is originally being listed as "all in one price" deal. Thanks for looking and please e-mail me at if you have ANY questions!

P.S I would prefer paypal or money order/cashiers check
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  1. People take this good deal :)
  2. i sent you an email.
  3. Sorry i have not replied to your e-mail yet...i'm in the process of moving my things, and i was not at a computer last night. I'm in a hurry today, but if you shoot me a price on whatever you want, i'll review it and see what can be done! I'll try to check the forum tomorrow and see what everyone's suggestions are and thanks alot for taking a look! Have a pleasant weekend everybody!!

  4. Ok..i JUST priced each individual item on e-bay....the list is as follows.

    CPU - $75

    Motherboard - $90

    RAM - $300 for all 4gb

    Video - $175

    Case w/P.S - $200

    Case w/o P.S - $150

    P.S - $65

    Total = $840

    or %500 for all! This isn't even that old of technology! Great gaming PC!
  5. What's the timing on the RAM?
  6. 2-3-2-5
  7. Would you be willing to part it or are you looking to sell it all at once?
  8. The OP spoke of parting it out, twice.
  9. Duh I wasn't paying attention :smacks self upside the head:

    Are those 1GB sticks (which is what I'm guessing) or 512MB? I know a buddy who wants 2x512MB high perf sticks.
  10. I hope they are 1gb sticks otherwise thats 8 sticks of ram. Ouch.

    And What is still availible? Can the OP update please?
  11. Sorry for the non-update guys. It's been a very hectic past week with moving and all. These parts have already been sold, and again i do appologize for not updating any sooner than this. Thanks alot for your interests and hopefully i may have some more stuff i can sell. Take care everyone!
  12. Not a problem... keeps us occupied.
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