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Belkin UPS Model F6C800-UNV Battery Replacement

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June 16, 2006 6:28:08 PM

The F6C800-UNV UPS was not designed to be serviced by the user, but the batteries it contains will inevitably fail after a few years and cripple the unit. With reasonable care however, the batteries can be replaced and the UPS given a new lease on life.

The UPS contains two Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries rated at 12V, 7Ah with 0.25 inch wide Faston terminals. The original batteries in my unit were manufactured by Ritar, part number (PN) RT1270, although equivalent components are readily available from other manufacturers such as:

PowerSonic, PN PS-1270-F2 (See dimensions at the end of this procedure).
Yuasa, PN NP7-12
Rhino, PN SLA7-12
Werker, PN WKA12-7.5F2

I was able to find a vendor in my area (Northern Virginia) that had batteries in stock for a price of just over $12.00 each.

To replace the batteries, refer to the figure below and perform the following steps:

1. SAFETY FIRST! Make sure the unit is powered off and unplugged from the AC source.

2. Detach the cover by removing five screws (four on the bottom, one on the back).

3. Remove the cover by sliding it backward, taking care not to touch any main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) contacts with it.

4. Disconnect the following leads: RED lead to the transformer, BLACK lead to the main PCB, and BLACK lead interconnecting the two batteries.

5. Disconnect the front panel connector from the main PCB.

6. Remove the four screws that attach the main PCB (two front, two rear).

7. Remove the two screws that attach the battery bracket to the front plate using an offset (right-angle) screwdriver. It may be necessary to reposition the self-stick ty-rap mount that affixes the large EMI suppression ferrite.

8. Remove the two 9/32 inch nuts that attach the battery bracket to the bottom plate.

9. Move the battery bracket up just enough to allow the rear battery to be slid out the side of the unit. Temporarily reposition the main PCB if necessary. Do not allow the battery terminals to short against any metal parts.

10. Slide the front battery to the rear of the bracket and remove as above. Do not allow the battery terminals to short against any metal parts.

11. Insert the new batteries and reverse the steps listed above to complete the installation. Carefully align the bracket mounting screws (in step 7 above) to avoid cross-threading.

12. Connect the UPS to an AC source and turn the unit on. Run a 10-second self test after the batteries have charged for several hours.

13. For future reference, I recommend that you place a label on the unit indicating the battery part number, rating, and date of change.
February 1, 2009 9:47:09 PM

So where is Northern VA did you find replacement batteries?
March 31, 2009 7:16:33 PM


wonderful instructions! thanks from a 67 year old woman who completed the replacement battery installation.

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May 20, 2009 9:06:04 PM

i just looked up how much it would cost me to buy two new batteries from, and it's about $64.78. Do you think it's worth it or should not even consider?
June 19, 2009 11:10:14 PM

Thank you so much for the instructions. I opened the UPS case and started to panic. Then I found your post and thought I'll give it a go. Job done!
August 1, 2009 6:32:02 AM

Batteries Plus
11213-G Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22030
August 6, 2009 1:36:58 AM

I have taken my Belkin apart & got the bad cells out, but neglected to write down what lead goes to what terminal! I think the red lead from the transformer goes to the red terminal on the first battery (cell closest to transformer). Then, I think the black lead from the PCB (printed circuit board) goes to the red terminal on the second battery (the one closest to the front of the Belkin). The short black lead with female terminals on either end interconnects the black male terminals on the two batteries. Can someone please verify that I am correct in my assumptions!!
Moral of the story: Always take a picture or make good notes before taking something apart that isn't color coded!!
August 12, 2009 5:03:46 PM

I have done the same thing. Can someone confirm how to reconnect the batteries to the uint..please
July 17, 2010 5:17:10 PM

Know this is an old post. But to PREVENT others from making a BAD mistake -

PLEASE do NOT do the above connections. WRONG! The connection proposed above will destroy unit.

On the Belkin F6C800-UNV UPS - this is a 24 Volt unit. If you have the two 12v battery unit - the batteries are connected in Series.

The Red lead from transformer does go to the Red positive lead. The Black Negative lead from circuit board goes to the second battery (closest to the front of unit) NEGATIVE terminal.

The interconnecting jumper connector goes between the remaining positive and negative terminals of the two batteries. The two batteries are installed with opposite ends. The front battery is installed facing downward. The battery closest to the transformer is installed facing up. This keeps the two battery terminals away from each other...

A different individual created an excellent post with pictures. Please see for some great photos.

Just remember - don't short out the batteries to the case when closing up... and this is a 24 volt unit. Batteries are connected in SERIES.

November 7, 2012 6:33:56 PM

I know this is a reasonably old thread, but it is still relevant.

I just replaced the batteries in my F6C800-UNV. Upon closing the case and plugging the unit in the red 'site wiring fault' light comes on - there isn't a wiring issue in the house.

Is there something I could have done wrong or a fix to make/try? All my connections seem solid, and the new batteries are connected in series exactly as the old batteries were (I took a picture).

I'd hate to throw the whole thing out after buying new batteries.